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Legume based structuring and nutritional solutions.

The challenge for New food Innovation was to identify acceptable processing steps that can maintain or elevate the goodness of the crop, without having a unfeasible cost impact


NFI has led projects aiming to assist manufacturing process development, ingredient application and commercial exploitation.

Academic partners have assisted the development of this technology which increases starch resistance in pulses and legumes, through maintaining the integrity of the cellular structure. The ingredients have the potential to reduce glycemic load and positively impact against the growth of obesity and diabetes.   


New Food Innovation has taken the bench -based technology and using by our food engineers, know how and extensive contacts, we have established a scalable and commercially viable manufacturing process (using commercially available technology) to produce the ingredient in high yield. New Food Innovation has also developed two product options.


Using our product development expertise, particularly in bakery and morning goods, New food Innovation has worked the ingredients into products for clinical trials.  Working with the academic institutions, New food Innovation have established an exploitation plan and through our established reputation,  led engagement with commercial parties for the manufacture and application of this technology. 

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Novel fungal strains for cheese manufacture. 

Low risk, accelerated technology translation TRL2 to TRL9. 

New food Innovation engaged with the academic inventor of this technology at an early stage (technology readiness level 2 (TRL2)) and with research council funding, we have used our cross-disciplinary expertise to complete a comprehensive market assessment. From our extensive network we actively engaged with consumers, shoppers, retailers and cheese manufacturers, from artisanal through to large volume distributors. This was done in order to understand their business needs and how best the technology could be applied. Further funding allowed NFI to identify and work with innovationauts and leading blue cheese manufacturers that were open to experimenting with the technology, to reach pilot scale TRL5. 


Consumer testing and retailer expert opinion gave focus to the strain selection. Working with the academic partner, NFI led the Intellectual property protection strategy, built a new business and financial model that created the business, Myconeos Ltd. 


Myconeos ownership is split between the inventor and NFI, with patent licensing  from the University of Nottingham.  NFI has screened and identified for Myconeos a manufacturing facility, the route to market, engaged with potential investment partners and produced a sustainable innovation strategy and research pipeline. Myconeos will be commercially selling blue cheese cultures by the end of 2019.  

AceAE Nutra
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Agritec Innovation

New-Food Innovation support the commercialisation of the  bio-active tomato based Agri-tech knowhow.

Having been approached by the inventors and an academic institution, we have supported the parties in identifying the opportunities to facilitate commercialisation. Our assessment of the technology, its applications and our wide international network led to New-Food Innovation to introduce an International angel investor to fund and support functional trials and production of the new product, into the cognition and sports nutrition sectors. 


The product was rapidly commercialised into this market.  Further functional applications of the agri-tech technology into adjacent food and nutrition sectors, has required a different business model that New-Food Innovation has developed in close collaboration with the inventors and academic team. The establishment of Aceae Nutra with shareholdings split between NFI and the inventors, is the selected vehicle to commercially exploit the knowhow. The New-Food Innovation expertise has facilitated connections to key players in the identified routes to market and relevant funding streams to develop other promising research opportunities.   

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Insent Taste sensing machine.

Building technology applications.

Twenty years of technical development in Japan have resulted in the most advanced electronic taste sensing machine, the TS-5000Z.  New-Food Innovation is the UK and Ireland's commercial agent for Insent. We not only provide a sales business to the food, beverage and pharmaceutical sectors, but have also developed the applications for new technology within the UK. These include bitterness masking in pharmaceuticals, food and beverages; sensory profiling of agricultural crops; sensory shelf life determination; reduced the impact of processing technology and process parameters on taste; market and product taste assessments and insight gathering, and ingredient, inventory screening and rationalisation.  


New-Food Innovation have provided a contract analysis service with the technology, providing it for use by companies unable to buy. A number of NFI internal projects have resulted in a series of application white papers for publication. 

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Radical innovation in the food sector.

New-Food Innovation has supported this entrepreneur and his team to build this innovative start up.

New-Food Innovation has provided innovation and product support and through our established extensive network in the food industry for this entrepreneur. N bread technology is a radical reinvention and truly transformative innovation into the bread and snack sector. New-Food Innovation has assessed the technology and based on the insights, worked closely with the inventor to identify the optimal collaborative partners to bring the technology rapidly to market.  


Through our established market connections, we have built the relationship with the retailer and their supply chain, formulating products meeting their safety, nutrition, regulatory and technical requirements. We have supported proof of principle and pilot scale trials for this application and continue to support the technical and commercial exploitation. 


Additionally, we have built an innovation plan and business model for further extensions of the technology into new high value sectors.  


Beyond scope exploitation.

Expertise within New-Food Innovation identified further applications of this inventor-led technology.

New-Food Innovation saw the commercialised-inventor-led technology that delivers radical batch, continuous hydration mixing technology for a wide range of baking products. Increasing bound water in the product and shelf life with a reduced energy footprint. New-Food Innovation engaged with the inventor to deconstruct the technology function and reimagine its application into other sectors. 


New-Food Innovation have now demonstrated applications and industry solutions beyond the bakery sector in mild hydration and wetting in agri-tech, precision dosing and fortification, rapid extraction, pre and post process conditioning.


We are currently working with the inventor to commercialise the technology within the new application sectors identified as well as using established links in the bakery sector.

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