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Baking Science & Technology 


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a little more about us

Since its formation in 2010, we have worked extensively within the interface between the food industry and the Innovation and research communities, building on the years of experience that the founders Alan Marson and Jacek Obuchowicz gained from working within open innovation roles in industry - working in global and major UK branded business.


Not only do we have an appreciation of the challenges facing Industry and academia but also the difficulties both start-ups and emergent technologies have in gaining a foothold in the market 


 Principally we act as accelerator for the food industry providing access to growth, supporting internal teams to overcome technical and commercial challenges, helping academics and inventors bring their science to market


Over the past 10 years, we have helped several novel technologies enter the market 

supporting development and commercial exploitation, combining the full use of commercial and science know how with our extensive network throughout the industry.


Both Alan and Jacek, both have passion for supporting the development of talent 

And continue be active in this area through providing mentorship for many of the Junior consultants whom we have working in the business each year. 


Although Jacek ( City ) and Alan ( Utd ) may support the different sides of Manchester, they are a formidable duo actively work together, helping overcome innovation and commercial challenges within the food industry. 


Alan’s primary interests currently are working within the plant based meat arena 

 And supporting strategic innovation and commercialising new technology’s 


Jacek has primary interests in the development of IP , supporting development of 

New technology and support of new technology and start up .  


Always happy to try and help ! 

our specialist knowledge 

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Our associates have in-depth knowledge covering most aspects of food manufacturing, science, technology and marketing. Those skills we don't have within our immediate team are usually covered within our extensive network.   

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