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All of our client’s projects are done under a confidentially agreement so we can only outline a sample of our typical projects.


Working with a USA Technology pioneer, in their  launch of a novel plant-based food ingredient technology, simultaneously in the USA and Europe. Our project was to support the market introduction here in Europe, including market landscaping activities based on a portfolio of ingredients with different applications -  using these  we were able to Identify a series of key applications and challenges which the technology was able to support.   

Our activities also included regulatory compliance, application trials, customer reviews and demonstrations with; Global Branded companies based in Europe, Leading retail groups and a wide range of category leaders.

Market Development 


Within its field, a market leader of Alternative Protein, was interested in improving its medium to long term strategy and at the same build internal capability within Innovation and Research arena .

Supporting senior management, we were able to develop a series of Innovation planforms and identify technology gaps.  Our projects were developed with external innovation partners and academics, as well as linking with collaborative funding programs.

This was supported through a consultancy agreement which ran over a number of years and was highly regarded by the team.

Strategic Innovation


This short-term project involved assessment of developing alternative markets for one of Europe’s largest suppliers of a food ingredient. They were not exploiting market trends and needed external support to provide a range of  innovation skills.

The support programincluded market research, product application and prototype testing, packaging development and consumer preference testing. 

 We also worked with the companyin the development of B2B commercial collateral for supporting B2B business development and communication. 

Business Growth - New Market Technology


On behalf of a major UK client, work was undertaken to overcome a technology challenge - when overcome, this would lead to a significant market advantage and at the same time emerge as a competitive threat. 

The project was initiated through a short proof of principle project which included:

Background research landscaping - to help understand current IP and technologies. 

A collaborative research project - supported through innovate UK , within which companies were involved for support in developing novel process equipment, to deliver the project .

Overcoming Technology Challenges

Strategic Innovation


We have recently been engaged by a company whom have a patented technology for transforming pea protein into meat analogues, for use in the fast expanding plant based foods category.


This business development support includes; Market Landscaping and Exploitation, Planning,  Competitor Analysis, Commercial Network Building and Sales Development Support, B2B sale and Digital Media Content and Collateral.

Strategic Growth Plan


We have supported a number of projects associated with; creating value from food co-streams, supporting issues related to the environment, sustainability and re-use of material for food and feed value. 

During this time we established a valorisation model which evaluates the technical and commercial value potential from co-streams.

The model uses a 5 stage process, ranging from minimal technology intervention, through to a complex green chemistry approach which we refer to as a “Digging for Diamonds" approach.

We evaluated a wide range of material from; Cereal processing, Pulse, Vegetable, Fruit and Produce crops,  Baking and Brewing bi-products. 

Value from Waste

want to work with us? 



A LaunchPad to your Future Career

Since the Junior Consultant program started in 1998, over 140 students from many university’s across Europe have joined our program. All have gone on to have enjoyable and successful careers in the food industry. 

During our 6 month internship you will:


  • Experience business innovation and creativity practice. 

  • Carry out high quality projects with mentorship from industry experts. 

  • Develop new skills within an industrial environment.

  • Access a broad network of food  industry contacts.

If you are a Food Engineer or a Student in design-innovation, with a wish to make a impact in the food system - please get in touch!



 Introducing your product to market   

Linking the Food Industry to Science & New Technology through suitable Communication Channels:

  • Through Digital Connectivity

  • Development and Commercialisation of Technology 

  • Creative Design Solutions 

  • Digital / Content  Marketing 

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